Artisan was tasked by Nike and AKQA to progress the concept of an interactive LED basketball court, introducing greater levels of innovation and participation.

The 2015 state-of-the-art training camp saw Nike and basketball stars including Kobe Bryant and Lebron James uncover and motivate China’s future talent.

Artisan and AKQA worked together to create an experience that is both unforgettable and highly functional in terms of technology, training drills and monitoring player progress.

Innovations included one of the world’s most advanced uses of foot-tracking techniques for realtime, on court feedback, as well as bespoke apps, smart coaching tools and responsive techniques.

The resulting LED court is a vibrant, interactive environment that is at the forefront of technology and experiential design; helping harness and encourage players’ passion for basketball.

AKQA, d3 technologies, BlackTrax, WISPARK

Commissioned by Selfridges’ in-house creative team for the 2015 Christmas campaign ‘Destination Christmas – Journey to the Stars’, the outcome is A Distant Light, a bespoke installation positioned above the centre canopy of the Oxford Street flagship.

The aim was to create a statement that is bold yet calming, particularly in contrast to the cacophony of light and visual ‘noise’ of Oxford Street at Christmas. But A Distant Light is also magical and mysterious as it reflects the fact that the rules that govern how we see things on earth don’t apply in space. Our exploration for the concept began with a fascination of the seemingly endless, vast scale of the cosmos.

Through the early research phase, we discovered that, beyond the boundary of earth’s atmosphere, basic principles that we take for granted, such as time, don’t play by the same rules. But whilst these constants may not remain, one truth binds everything together: the speed of light.

A Distant Light behaves like a gravity lens, distorting light through space, visualizing measurements of time as shifting patterns of light that evoke the changing and magic of the cosmos.

Soundtrack by Marconi Union (Just Music)

Structural engineering: Packman Lucas Electrical engineering: White Wing Logic Fabrication: Wylie Wood Ltd. Rigging: Two Foxes (Actus Industries) Software and hardware: d3 Technologies and Demolition Photographs: John Adrian

Our eighth collaboration with Massive Attack builds on our previous work with the band including the show we created with them and Adam Curtis for the Manchester International Festival in 2013.

A kinetic triptych of screens features content that touches on themes including net neutrality, censorship, data privacy, corporate greed, the violation of human rights and the politics of war. The content was updated daily as the show toured, responding to local and real time events, and translated into the local language of each venue. The show toured across Europe and America, and headlined many international festivals including Sónar and Glastonbury.

Parley for the Oceans addresses major threats towards the world’s most important ecosystem, planet earth’s oceans. The organisation commissioned Artisan to join its renowned group of thinkers, artists and leaders to develop a bespoke installation.

The result was Monument to the Living Sea. It imagines the seabed covered in plastic; a completely still surface except for illusions and ghostly reminders of its previous life as a fertile, tempestuous force that was once in constant motion and now rendered lifeless. The installation was designed for both the context of a catwalk show and to exist as a standalone art piece. It featured in the New York Fashion Week launch of Raw for the Oceans, a G-Star collaboration with Pharrell Williams, owner and creative director of Bionic Yarn, an innovative new product made using recycled ocean plastic.

Monument to the Living Sea contributes to the movement, provoking awareness and encouraging more ecologically responsible choice.


Artisan were commissioned by Coldplay to create promotional content for their track A Sky Full of Stars, taken from their 2014 record Ghost Stories.

Lasers were used to define a 3D space, illuminating the darkness with beats of the track. Architectural lighting, glaciators and industrial projectors were then used to create an interactive canvas through which Chris Martin could extend his performance, with BlackTrax technology, in to the space. 3D trompe-l'œil techniques and wiring were then used to turn the 2D canvas into a 3D world to close out the track.

Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay, taken from the Album 'Ghost Stories' 2014 Directed by Artisan. Design and Art Direction by Artisan. Special Effects: Matt Swoboda / Jani Isorant / D3 Technologies. Cinematography by James Medcraft. Production Company, PRETTYBIRD. Edit by Cut and Run. Post Production and Grade by Finish.

Commissioned by Sam Seager at Warner Music, UK. Copyright © 2014 Warner Music Group / Parlophone Records.

PARALLELS is a feature installation of three rings, each with a diameter of 1.5 metres. The rings are fixed to the wall one metre apart and each reflects a tunnel of laser-generated light measuring 10 metres in length, creating a virtual “space inside a space”.

Visitors move around and between the cylindrical bodies of light, free from physical boundaries. Each light tunnel forms a separate, enclosed, atmospheric world, The colour spectrum of light ranging from diamond white, through turquoise, to a powerful dark blue.

The light cylinders use motion sensors to engage visitors in an interactive dialogue. The visitors’ movements trigger feedback in the form of changes in colour and brightness, as well as atmospheric sound effects. This action and reaction generates an emotional connection between the installation and the visitors, who become its focal point, turning it into a personal experience through their movements.

In collaboration with BMW Group. Soundscape by Mira Calix.

To mark the opening of Bally’s New Bond Street flagship by David Chipperfield, Artisan designed an immersive environment for the VIP dinner.

For the event we created a dynamic installation inspired by Modernist furniture, art and design and taking cues fro Chipperfield’s architectural references to an original store interior by Marcel Breuer in the 1920s.

As the evening progressed, the light installation changed and evolved to reveal the final performance piece, a live appearance by Chilly Gonazles.

In collaboration with Jan Kennedy Consultancy.

What if silver had a sound? Chanting and enchanting chains, bracelets, rings are 'played' by laser light, to create the sound of Hermès Silver.

Out of obscurity a series of lasers strike jewelry placed on custom built metallic turntables, then moves over it, caressing its volume, and coaxes from it its own particular voice. With the Chaîne d’ancre collection and its variations, Initiale, Parade, Osmose and Etcaetera, each of Pierre Hardy's designs find musical expression in a intriguing new video from Hermès. The alien notes join together to create an experimental symphony.

In collaboration with Hermès, Gang Films and Dan Paris.

Directed by Caswell Coggins. Music by YoggyOne.

Adam Curtis’s film drew together threads connecting Russian punk, Jane Fonda in full aerobic flight and the legacy of pop art to illuminate the rise of the managed state; Massive Attack’s live performance provided the emotional weight. Surrounded by screens, audiences of 2000 a night discovered that buried optimism + bone-shaking bass = an awesome intellectual and visceral experience.

‘The marriage of the two… is inspired… It’s a Requiem Mass of sorts. This is a truly pan-sensory and exhausting experience.’ THE FINANCIAL TIMES

Commissioned by Manchester International Festival, Ruhrtriennale International Festival of the Arts and Park Avenue Armory.

In collaboration with Robert Del Naja, Adam Curtis and Es Devlin.

As part of New York Fashion Week 2010, we were asked to create a light installation for the Y-3 autumn fashion show. A clean, sharp performance was designed for Adidas and Yohji Yamamoto’s innovative Y-3 brand.

Starting with a white monolith of light, a void was created out of which the models emerged. White lasers were then used to define the catwalk area, building an illusion of architectural forms that shifted in shape and composition over the course of the show.

In collaboration with KCD Worldwide.

London Collections: Men emphasises both the creative and commercial importance of British brands and emerging talent as well as the rich cultural landscape that contributes to the inspiration and success of this sector. All events on the schedule are designed to showcase the breadth of British fashion talent, from the world’s most innovative emerging talents to global menswear brands and Savile Row tailors.

Artisan designed the catwalk show for Rag and Bone's SS 14 collection, developing a new concept catwalk which included kinetic mirrors that followed the models as they moved through the space, creating an alternative viewpoint for all the audience allowing for simultaneous multiple views of the models.

In collaboration with London Collections and Prodject.

For the stage design of the Red Hot Chili Peppers 2011 "I Believe in You" tour, Artisan took the band’s iconic octagonal logo and exploded it upwards and outwards, creating a bold and futuristic, kinetic chandelier above the stage.

This exploded icon was a versatile sculptural form, which was part lighting surface and part high definition video screen. Directly below it, a LED floor in the same octagonal shape lights the band and changes with their movements. The design involved 10 video surfaces, 8 hanging and expanding screens, LED floor and backdrop.

In collaboration with Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tait Towers and Nocturne Worldwide.

Artisan evolved it's stage designs from earlier Massive Attack tours for the Heligoland world tour.

Featuring a louvered high resolution LED screen with dramatic back lighting effects, we reimagined existing treatments whilst creating contemporary interventions for the new album tracks.

Further in-house development of the d3 content module library allowed for creative use of real-time generated text, symbols and maps, together with new video distortion effects.

In collaboration with Massive Attack.

We were appointed as the creative directors for the Jay-Z Blueprint 3 World Tour. Giant video projections, along with sculptural form installations towering behind the performers, both are sequence to interact with the music as well as the audience.

Unlike traditional stage design, we inputted a dynamic range for the Jay-Z Blueprint 3 project, creating a 3-dimensional stage setup with d3 technologies, the same control utilized in the U2′s 360 stage design and Massive Attack’s tours.

The tour featuring Beyonce, Rihanna and Kanye West was inspired in an ever changing city scape.

In collaboration with Jay-Z

Rag & Bone’s designers returned to their adopted hometown of New York to present their fall 2014 menswear collection. Artisan created a photographic backdrop for the runway, featuring images of each model as he walked, the digital collage utilised super-slow motion cameras displayed on custom monolithic displays, to portray the clothes with a more relaxed, less styled feel. The effect was designed to both underline the fashion message and emphasize the ease with which so many incorporate Rag & Bone into their wardrobes.

As the models sauntered past the installation, three high speed cameras recording 1000 frames per second captured the models in real-time, creating a “digital echo” that created an evolution-scale, warped sense of time. Adding in the mechanical, break beat version of Move on Up by Curtis Mayfield, the over all the effect was city-fied and optimistic.

In collaboration with Prodject and My Beautiful City

If your phone could truly “sleep,” what would it dream? An interactive on-screen cinema experience created by Sprint in partnership with “Team Sprint” that encouraged moviegoers to turn off their mobile device in exchange for a custom mobile phone “dream”. More than 1,000 NCM Movie Theaters showed the experience on nearly 18,000 screens as part of Sprint’s courtesy-message sponsorship that asked moviegoers to turn off their phones prior to the start of a movie.

Sprint’s cinema experience, Dream was available in NCM Movie Theatres during 2012.

In collaboration with Leo Burnett.

The Basketball Arena of the London Olympics is not only one of the most visually dramatic buildings of the 2012 Games, it’s one of the biggest temporary venues ever erected for any Olympic and Paralympic Games. The resulting building stands 30 meters high, the equivalent of a seven‐story building.

It’s composed of a a steel portal frame and wrapped in 20,000 square meters of lightweight, phthalate‐free, recyclable PVC. Custom-designed for this purpose, this translucent cladding was stretched across minimal steel framing modules arranged in such as way as to push the fabric out and create a three‐dimensional undulating pattern across the building’s various facades.

This external pattern was designed to interact with light in unique and beautiful ways. During the day, the passage of the sun across the sky throws shadows across the building’s facade, and by night we worked on the architectural lighting scheme that brought the fabric surface to life. After hours, the entire building become a large-scale art installation, adding to the spectacle that was the London Games.

In collaboration with Wilkinson Eyre architects.

A bicycle wheel is transformed into an homage to early op art in this mesmerizing collaboration with Stuttgart-based Van Dyke Contemporary Cycles. Inspired by the likes of Bridget Riley, we used LED strips and motion control systems to create a hypnotic vortex that momentarily threatens to suck the viewer in.

We wanted to explore the intersection of sculpture, architecture, live performance, moving image and digital installation so devised the film's surging soundtrack using audio effects of the bike company’s latest limited-collection release, Purple Blast (a nod to the color of solar flares). The result is a crafty reference to Marcel Duchamp’s early 20th-century notion of the readymade.

In collaboration with Van Dyke Contemporary Cycles.

We were commissioned by Warp Films to create a live-action music video for the Battles single “Tonto”. We created a unique LED installation in a disused Welsh slate mine - an audio synchronised field of light contrasting with the rugged terrain.

The video consists of our documentation of the band’s marathon 11 hour performance, as well as a series of time lapse pieces from the surrounding geography. The cover artwork for the single is also taken from the shoot, and was art directed by us.

In collaboration with Warp films.

To tie in with the season's African theme, we created a striking visual representation of the sun which gradually set over the course of the show.

Working with My Beautiful City on the overall show and set design, we selected a near-black rear projection surface to enhance contrast and created a photo-realistic animation of the sun-set to coordinate with the show timings, culminating in a crescendo moment coinciding with the appearance of Vivienne Westwood as she accepted the applause of the audience.

In collaboration with My Beautiful City.

The Massive Attack 100th Window tour was our first live tour design. Tasked with creating the concepts, narrative, stage design and show delivery system, this project cast the mould for the collaborations that followed, creating a fusion of creative, software and production design. From the very smallest (atoms and molecules) to the very largest (star constellations), the show explored digital representations of information, filtering real-time news, stock-market prices, weapon shopping lists, spam emails, virus alerts and weather reports to create a ‘picture of now’ translated into 36 languages, all perfectly synchronised to the band’s music.

Many of the ideas behind the visuals came from not only 3D himself, but other well-known visual artists such as Marc Quinn, Nick Knight and Tatsou Miyamija. These ideas included same day localised newsfeeds tailored to the country Massive Attack were playing live in at the time, a revolving map of world detailing all the dates Massive Attack had played and had yet to play, up to the minute stock data from around the world’s currency exchanges, statistics on the 2003 American occupation of Iraq, and the current expenditure of different countries around the world on weapons of mass destruction.

To engage with fans we asked them to send short messages for any specific show on the tour via the website and these messages would get displayed on the giant LED screen at the show. This was possible through a close collaboration between UVA and Hi-Res!, the designers and developers of the official Massive Attack website.

In collaboration with Massive Attack and Hi-Res!

To celebrate the opening of the Giorgio Armani’s Ginza Tower store, Tokyo, a party was held at the Budokan venue, famed for concerts including the Beatles and Bob Dylan, and the home of Japanese martial arts.

We were commissioned to design the interior for the launch event, entitled ‘One Night Only in Budokan’. We designed the atmospheric graphic scenography using 6 high definition projectors on a false wall of over 900 square meters. The screen content was designed to support two fashion catwalks, (Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani), and environmental graphics for the Yoshida Brothers, Il Divo, and Fergie.

In collaboration with Jan Kennedy and Armani.